A StreetView Game
Figure out where you are and then click Guess!

Zoom in, click on the map to place your marker, and see how close you got!

You need to pick a location on the map first!

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MapTag is a game where you try to figure out where in the world you are!

Q: Well, how *do* I figure out where I am?
The types of vehicles, the way people are dressed, road markers, terrain, and business signs will give you an idea of what country you're in. Street signs, highway signs and landmarks will get a more exact location. Use all the tools the web has to offer, such as search engines and of course Google Maps.
Q: I'm out in the middle of nowhere.
You can keep driving through Street View until you see something ... or you can just mark any old place and start a new game with a different random location. Or you can try one of the themed games ("Themes") - these are mostly in urban areas and are a little easier. Or you can click "More Games" for a visual list of saved games and 10-minute (easy) games.
Q: I think I know where I am. What do I do next?
Open the guessing map at the top right ("Guess"), zoom in, and click to place your marker on the map. Then click "see how close you got" to get the answer. The closer you are, the higher your score. Try to get 1000!
Q: I got an error "Can't find a random location". :(
The game tries to pick a random latitude and longitude circular areas I defined where StreetView exists. Some areas have a lot of water and there isn't a StreetView within 9000m. If it doesn't find one within 15 tries, you get this message. Reload the page and it'll give it another shot.

Choose a game:

Random: random locations from all over the globe.
Theme: locations with something in common.

or create your own (and share it)

author: Andrea Chen (fallinghawks at gmail)

all kinds of assistance: Brian Slesinsky

May 2013

Lato font by Ɓukasz Dziedzic, SIL Open Font License, 1.1

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